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Nerd Blerp Gets Around: Richie Knucklez Arcade Games

by Staub

We at Nerd Blerp love to go on trips in order to gather information for our readers and viewers that the Internet alone cannot provide.  Just this past weekend, we traveled to Flemington New Jersey to take part in a Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games store.

It was an absolute blast! Richie Knucklez's store specializes in the sale and restoration of classic arcade machines.  Upon walking into the store the gamer feels as though they are brought back to the mid 1980's and you are instantly acquainted with some of the most memorable and noticeable games in gaming history.  During the Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament, all of the games were free to play!  The dim-lit (yet incredibly clean!) showroom, is a great place to spend an afternoon.  Classic game junkies like we Blerpers, were brought back to our childhood as we smashed away at games like, Donkey Kong Jr., Pac-Man, and Tempest.  The air was filled with an orchestra of blips and beeps, and I could almost feel the nostalgia.  Also present at this event was Ex-Donkey Kong champ, Hank Chien. We actually talked to him about his recent dethroning by Billy Mitchell (check later this week for the video interview).  

One of the best aspects of Richie Knucklez's store is that mostly all of the classic games in the store are for sale, so if you have been wanting a classic Pac-Man machine, or one of those great Nintendo-Made Donkey Kong cabinets, this is the place for you.  Not only does Richie have a great selection of games, but he's a very nice guy.  His love for classic gaming and his intensity for preserving these machines is unparalleled. Richie was perfectly comfortable giving we Nerd Blerpers some tips, and hints about how to master some of the games in the showroom (he happens to be the world champion Pole Position player).  This gaming showroom is an excellent place to visit, and it's only about 2 hours away for most of we Long Islanders.

If only we could have a place like this on Long Island!

If you would like to call Richie to talk to him about his showroom, or just want to ask him some questions about events he runs at his store give him a call: (908) 806-2400 or check out his site:  If you have the itch to play some classic games or want to flip some pinball this is a great place to take a day-trip.

Nerd Blerp would like to extend a big Thank You to Richie Knucklez and his excellent store, we hope to venture back there, soon!

Check back later this week for more video and photos of the event.

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